Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Day to Me

I've popped in to read blogs and many times my fingers started to blog, but have failed to post. So many little things get in the way...
Dear daughter has decided to move forward in getting a bachelor's degree. I'm pretty excited for her. She will still be in state but her building plans are off the list. I'm sure it was a scary decision for her to build OR leave home for school, but she is going to do great.
I'm still enjoying teaching EMT and working on the ambulance. I saw the wife of a patient we couldn't save at the store a couple of weeks ago. It was hard for both of us. I never thought I'd be the face to bring back sad memories. I had hoped to be the face that brought smiles. Alas, it is part of the job.
Today is my birthday. Yesterday my husband took me out to eat. No plans today until I teach EMT tonight. Next week, however, we go on a mini-vacation to Branson, MO. I'm pretty excited. I need a rest. I'm feeling a little gloomy and empty. So this vacation should help.
Our big dog Molly is suffering from urinary bleeding. We've tried meds and done all the tests with no improvement. Scans revel a possible kidney issue but we can't find a cause. She's 13. We've decided not to put her through exploratory surgery and are trying to maintain her comfort. She's becoming anemic so I'm adding red meat to her diet to help out.
Well, off to read blogs. I know my audience for this new blog may be small compared to before, but I appreciate you. Blessings....


  1. Happy Birthday Deena! I am sorry to hear about Molly. Our older dogs are not always easy to care for. I hope you have a super day my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday, Parsley!
    So sorry to hear about Molly, it's so difficult when our pets reach old age and there are tough decisions to make. Our dogs are 14 and 12 and it's hard to watch them start to fade.
    Congrats to your daughter on her big decision! What is she planning to major in?
    Enjoy your week, Parsley!

  3. Happy Birthday to you and hugs for Molly

  4. Belated birthday wishes.
    Enjoy your relaxation time away. I hope you come back refreshed.
    Sending a friendly (hug) xx

  5. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear about the dog, though. Hugs!

  6. I am SO behind in my reader! I hope your birthday was a happy one!

    Liver is great when you’re anemic and Molly would love the aroma.

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes, Miss Parsley! For some reason, this post never showed up for me until today. I hope you had a fabulous trip to Branson. Sending a prayer up for Molly. Thinking of you!