Monday, April 9, 2018

Happy Day to Me

I've popped in to read blogs and many times my fingers started to blog, but have failed to post. So many little things get in the way...
Dear daughter has decided to move forward in getting a bachelor's degree. I'm pretty excited for her. She will still be in state but her building plans are off the list. I'm sure it was a scary decision for her to build OR leave home for school, but she is going to do great.
I'm still enjoying teaching EMT and working on the ambulance. I saw the wife of a patient we couldn't save at the store a couple of weeks ago. It was hard for both of us. I never thought I'd be the face to bring back sad memories. I had hoped to be the face that brought smiles. Alas, it is part of the job.
Today is my birthday. Yesterday my husband took me out to eat. No plans today until I teach EMT tonight. Next week, however, we go on a mini-vacation to Branson, MO. I'm pretty excited. I need a rest. I'm feeling a little gloomy and empty. So this vacation should help.
Our big dog Molly is suffering from urinary bleeding. We've tried meds and done all the tests with no improvement. Scans revel a possible kidney issue but we can't find a cause. She's 13. We've decided not to put her through exploratory surgery and are trying to maintain her comfort. She's becoming anemic so I'm adding red meat to her diet to help out.
Well, off to read blogs. I know my audience for this new blog may be small compared to before, but I appreciate you. Blessings....

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Little Stitch

Just a little stitching I did for an exchange. My eyes still get blurry after a bit but I did it! I'm pretty excited to craft again.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hal my new Pal

I enjoy all animals. I was given the opportunity to adopt/rescue a 10 year old Cockatiel. I named him Hal, short for Halligan, which is a tool we use in the fire service to pry open doors, etc.

Hal has already been great entertainment. He chirps when my fire/EMS radio goes off. He also chirps when I leave the room as if he wants me to stay and he laughs when I laugh.

It may take some time but I hope to have him hand tame and flying in an enclosed room (safety from the dogs). I'm so glad he is a part of my pack and that my husband is so open to letting me love on more animals.

I recently posted this on my facebook.... We need boldness. How many times have you just 'felt' someone needed you to reach out to ask them what's not accept "I'm fine" as the answer?

When we are quickened in our spirits that something is 'wrong' we often ignore it and don't have the boldness to push to help our friends. Are you a friend? Can you see past the facade?

Do you care enough to see the broken people who feel invisible? Lord, grant us boldness to reach out to others...and place people in our lives that will be bold with US as well.

I feel so blessed by kindness shown to me through friends....


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tiny Home Plans

I haven't blogged in a bit because we've been busy with a project. Our daughter is looking into building a tiny home. I'm sure you've all seen the new fad on television shows where people have minimal space and live comfortably.

It's a great idea, in theory, but after viewing a pre-built tiny home (under 300 sq ft) for $65,000, we decided she should look into other options! So, while searching for land, getting costs for clearing land and finding out about utilities, she has been looking at small house plans. Costs of construction may keep her from traditional building.

It is an exciting time for her. I hope to have an update soon as to her home choice.

I did some stitching over the last couple of weeks for a small exchange. I could only stitch for a few minutes at a time due to blurry vision but it was nice to have something to push me into picking up the needle again.

The pack is well. I still miss my Mariposa everyday but I'm learning to adjust my expectations of her being at my feet.

I hope you are all avoiding the flu! Stay happy and healthy. TTFN

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Dunsel Effect

Sometimes I feel like a dunsel. Dunsel, according to Star Trek, is "a part that serves no useful purpose". I often 'feel' like my roles in life can be replaced by another. Note that I used the word feel. Feelings are not necessarily facts.

I'm not sure why women do this to themselves. If any of us were to spill these thoughts out to a friend, our friend would assure us that we are relevant and no one can replace us. The fact is...we are all replaceable in some areas. It is in a person's heart and memories where we leave a void after we are gone.

One thing that adds to the 'dunsel effect' is becoming an empty nester.  When we become a parent of an 'adult-child' who no longer needs us as they once did, it makes us feel barren. But honestly, isn't that what we are supposed to do? We raise kids into independent adults where they no longer need us to help them every step of they way.

In my jobs as an EMS instructor and EMS provider, I will be replaceable. I am training up strong, young people to take over my jobs. In fact, I tell them someday they may be trying to save MY life. I know how important it is to prepare them and happily do so, but, I often find myself afraid to slow down or show weakness because I don't want to leave my roles...not yet.

Like a pack of animals, it's always survival of the fittest. It's a hard thing, but even among humans, there are people who look for opportunity as soon as you show weakness so they can take your position.

I may be replaceable in some of my roles, but I hope I'm not easily forgotten in people's hearts. Being remembered, feeling like you left the world somehow better, trying to leave a legacy (including people to take your place), isn't that what life is about?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Oh, for the love of PINK!

 A little happy in the middle of a sad week....

I found this tiny pink Christmas tree for half price. I adore it! It's about 18 inches tall.
So....all you crafters....can you help a gal out? I want to create some ornaments for it. Some teeny-tiny ornaments for Valentine's Day, Easter, and eventually Christmas.

What kind of ideas or links do you have? Can you ask your friends to stop by and give their input?  I have never beaded or crafted beyond cross stitch....
On a sad note, we lost one of the pack last Friday. Our old diva, Mariposa was beginning to suffer. We had her for 14 1/2 years. We find ourselves looking for her in our daily routines. It's different at home and the other dogs sense it. RIP, little butterfly....

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Valentine's Day is Coming

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year celebration! We had a peaceful Christmas. The prime rib I cooked was amazing! The main thing I learned is to monitor the internal temperature for the perfect done-ness. Now the New Year has come, Christmas items are on clearance and they are putting up Valentines on the store shelves.

I miss exchanging Valentines. Every year in school, there would be friends exchanging cards, secret admirers sending items to a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, or if nothing else, some extra candy around from teachers and friends.

Much to my dismay, my daughter, who was born on Valentine's Day, does not like pink or red so I can't spoil her like I wish I could on that day since most items are of that color scheme. HA!

Have you noticed how few items there are to cross stitch that are Valentine themed? I wish more designers would consider this holiday.

If I get some interest, maybe I can host a Valentine exchange at some point. I mean...we all like surprises, right?!

Visiting blogs now. Best wishes on your New Year and always.